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Ilhan Omar Picked a Fight with a Disabled Vet and What Happened Next Will Shock You

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  1. Antifa and others who hate a slogan like MAGA have been violent. Congresswomen have too. Omar is a supporter of Muslim culture and wants to impose it here in the USA. How many Christians have died by Muslims this year in Africa?

  2. Ouida Sauls says:

    I don’t understand how president Trump can be responsible for what Amar said. Her life may have been danger because of many things she has said. I don’t think she should be in danger for what she says but that’s just the way things work. If she were in the country where she came from she would not be allowed to speak against her country that way.

  3. Farhang says:

    Omar has been silent on the recent murder of 300 Christians attending Easter services held in Sri lankan Churches condemned by world leaders including those from the terrorist state of Pakistan.

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